SEO Audit

It is required for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to identify your website to be able to deliver high quality targeted traffic.

Our team of experts at GlowWorms is dedicated to guiding you in the direction that you will earnestly want for your business.

Why do You Need an SEO Audit?

It is a known fact that webmasters always filter out websites that cannot fulfil the minimum criteria, however, the frequent algorithm updates have further slowed down this process. Understanding how Search Engine works can be hectic as the majority of the businesses are using the exact process, which arises the need for your business to be uniquely special.

Our SEO experts are technically equipped to deal with major to minute algorithm changes. Our auditing begins with right from the creation of content. However, creating content and delivering to the right customer are different things.

How Do We Audit?

If you have never assigned an SEO auditing for your website then our experts will make your job easier. GlowWorm’s approach to SEO Audit is these few steps:

In-depth review of the current site

Content analysis

Keyword analysis

Link building and other off-page SEO activities

Suggestion and other SEO tactics by our experts

Since thousands of contents are published every day, therefore search engines display the most relevant content in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We ensure that your website comes always in the top of search results with our experienced and active participation.